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Unfortunately there is no 'standard sizing' in clothing. We have several different suppliers of shirts and dresses and sizes vary between fabric ranges.  We are updating our size charts and have supplier code on the TOP LEFT of each size chart.

Supplier codes:

Supplier   VH
Supplier   PIN
Supplier   FAV
Supplier   CVH
Supplier   AVA

Most of our Hawaiian Shirts are a relaxed fit.


Terivoile, Rayon & Cotton                                                                                           

Mens Hawaiian Shirt Size Guide  

SUPPLIER  VH                          
(chest circumference)
XS            36" Shirt  /  Suit   33"- 34" Chest
Small       40" Shirt  /  Suit   35"- 36” Chest
Medium   44" Shirt  /  Suit   38"- 40" Chest
Large       46" Shirt  /  Suit   42" - 44" Chest
XL            52" Shirt  /  Suit   46" - 48" Chest
2XL          56" Shirt  /  Suit   50" - 52" Chest
3XL          57" Shirt  /  Suit   54" - 56" Chest

PLUS SIZES  (In Terivoile fabric only)
(chest circumference)
4XL      58” Chest / 34” Length
5XL      60” Chest / 34.5” Length
6XL      63” Chest / 35” Length
7XL      68” Chest / 35” Length
8XL      70” Chest / 35.5” Length
9 XL     72” Chest / 36” Length
10XL    74” Chest / 36” Length
11XL    76” Chest / 37” Length
12XL    78” Chest / 37” Length 


SHORTS SIZE GUIDE:     NOTE:  MENS BOARDIES are a small fit, we suggest you order next size up. CHECK SIZE GUIDE.

         30”  Short  /  Suit   28” waist

S           32”  Short  /  Suit   30” waist
M          34”  Short  /  Suit   32” waist
L           36”  Short  /  Suit   34” waist
XL         38”  Short  /  Suit   36” waist
2XL       40”  Short  /  Suit   38” waist

Mens Boardies (terivoile) have a drawstring, elastic waist and are unlined. 

 Mens Boardies SIZE GUIDE



XL (8-14)   
Bodice Width  (Unstretched) 71cm (28 inches)  
Bodice Width  (Stretched) 101cm (40 inches)  
Length    86cm (34 inches)

2XL (16-20)
Bodice Width  (Unstretched) 76cm (30 inches)  
Bodice Width  (Stretched) 122cm (48 inches)  
Length   101.5cm (40 inches)





Ladies Butterfly Dress

Ladies Tube Dress Size Guide               Ladies Tube Dress Size Guide


Ladies 2 Piece Set                                         Cami Size Chart



BOYS HAWAIIAN SHIRTS are a small cut. (VH Supplier)                       BOYS HAWAIIAN SHIRTS are a small cut. (VH Supplier)

 Boys Shirt Size Guide                        Boys Board Short Sizing



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